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Every one is different! Why furniture should be the same ?


From standard products through to customised designs, please contact us to discuss specification options specifically tailored to your needs!


Materials of high quality and modern technologies used in BFFC allow us to manufacture furniture under the order as soon as possible.


When you are looking for a furniture installer, BFFC has the experienced team for all wishes of the client about arrangement and furniture installation.


Looking for contemporary yet sophisticated walk-in wardrobe?

We offer a wide choice of colours and materials types including the lacquered, bronze, silver etc.

Traditional and modern fitted wardrobes, dressing rooms, bespoke storage solutions.

Walk-in wardrobe can be fitted within 2-3 weeks.

Get in touch to book your free designer visit and a quick quote.

Find the perfect wardrobe for your room today.


Who wants to getting a new kitchen?

It’s always the right time to start planning!

Whatever your budget we’re here to work with you!

Whatever your preference just remember, we will build the kitchen you want!

From our free design consultation through to completion we’ll work with you every step of the way to create a kitchen to suit your needs… so that you can be sure that your kitchen will not only look fabulous but that it will work beautifully for you for years to come.

Living room

Ready for a living room refresh but don’t know where to begin?

Start with a bespoke furniture!

You can combine various colours, materials and silhouettes for a desired look.

Together with our designers you can find your perfect space.  BFFC offers modern, cozy, and affordable options for every part of the living room. Mix and match any piece without compromising style.

Vanity units

Bespoke is the new trend. Don’t look back at a bathroom that’s long needed some love and attention with regret. Make those much needed changes now.

Our team helps to create the perfect balance of style and performance.

Our passion for bathrooms and qualified expertise make us experts in bathrooms. We’re excited to see the finished result of your new project.

Time to finally get the vanity unit of your dreams!

Office furniture

BFFC helps you work smarter, more comfortably and on your terms.

Our high efficiency in production will set you free from the worry about lead time. We do everything ourselves — and that is why we are flexible and quick. From your first inquiry to the moment your products are delivered, you can count on the support of our professionals.

We focus every details to make our product perfectly.

Kids furniture

BFFC manufactures of custom made kids furniture to suit kids of all ages.  

Our goal is to help you organize your kids rooms and get more functionality out of limited space. 

We are driven to pursue perfection in acquiring 100% customer satisfaction with our products and devote our services to custom designing kids furniture for those parents that have specific requirements to beautify their home or blend in with their home decor.